Guide About August Events Which Are cupid’s Blessing And Gem Duke


Cupid is the contemporary event in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for the whole month of August.

These events can easily be availed by SEA and Global servers both. Along with this, there are several fascinating awards are offered in store for all the players.

In this article, you will get to know complete information about the August event in Ragnarok Mobile.

Event 1: Gem Duke’s Curse:

This event begins on 5th of August and its last date is the 12th of August. While the event is ongoing, its players can easily find Gem Duke which will be on Prontera Square. You can get in touch with him for the donation of all the gem-like stuff for earning more rewards. When the progression will come to the top 100%, Cupid the god of desire will itself get into the Prontera.

When the approximate progress will become 30%, 50%, or 100% then Gem Duke Store will unlock things for sale in Cupid’s Blessing. Gem material includes Aquamarine, Zircon, Amethyst, Topaz, each of which can be donated as one kind of gem each day. Various materials of the gem have different rewards.

  • Aquamarine: receive “Big Cat Voucher·Ⅰ” *1, “Mithril” *3, “Mysterious Chest 6.0” *1
  • Zircon: receive “Love Breath” *20, “Gold Medal” *1, “Lightning Chain” *2
  • Topaz: receive “ Big Cat Voucher·Feast ” *1, “Food Voucher” *1, “Mora Coin” *4
  • Amethyst: receive “Big Cat Voucher·Ⅱ” *1, “Oracle Dust” *2, “Oracle Crystal” *1

Cupid’s Blessing, open to receive 20 x Love Breath, and one of the following items:

  • Mysterious Chest 6.0
  • Mithril
  • Gold Medal
  • Food Voucher
  • Lightning Chain
  • Mora Coin
  • Oracle Dust
  • Oracle Crystal
  • 51020 x Zeny
  • 5% chance to receive a “Star Lover” Blueprint

100 Love Breath can exchange a Kitty’s Blessing, open to receive one of the following:

  • Mysterious Box 6.0
  • Mithril
  • Gold Medal
  • Food Voucher
  • Lightning Chain
  • Mora Coin
  • Oracle Dust
  • Oracle Crystal
  • 51020 x Zeny
  • 10% chance to receive mouth headwear “Token of Love”. Maximum 3 per account.

Event 2: Cupid’s Wish:

In this event the accepting date of mission is 8 August to 15 August. And the completion date of mission is 8 August to 22nd of August.

The first point is that, during the event, players whose base level is more than 12 will be acceptable for Cupid’s Wish series of mission particularly from NPC “Phil” at Prontera. After the accomplishment of 5 missions the adventurer will get a premier toy named as Kitty Sofa. Besides 5 missions, the accomplishment of the first mission gives you a chance to get a Cupid’s Appreciation as reward.

The second point is that, “Intention of love” and “Love Breath” are both the things for the development of Gemini’s Love card. Duration of 1st to 31st August is an opportunity for Gemini’s love card to create it at King Poring with 520 Love Breath and 4 intention of love.

Event 3: Hand In Hand:

The event hand in hand is from 8th of August to 15th of August. in the whole event only two adventurers holding each other’s hand only for 5 minutes in the front area of Prontera Divine NPC Bell Dandy. These two adventurers will get a Cupid’s Blessing. But the point to keep in mind is that, each of the adventurers can just avail 2 Cupid’s Blessing in one day and it will also be limited to one character only.

Event 4: Happy Couples:

Happy couple’s event will begin from 15th of August to 22nd of August. In this event, the task to do is to find happy couples on the basis of given hints along with this, capturing photos is also necessary to get a Cupid’s Blessing and RO concert Album Box. This is also limited to one reward per day and one character too.

Event 5: Kitty’s Divine:

This event Kitty’s Divine is from 22nd of August till 29th of August. In this event the adventurer is needed to find NPC Gem Duke to Divine. After diving, the players will receive a Love Breath and 10 Gram Dust in the name for reward.

Event 6: It Is Now Or Never – Wedding Price 50% Off:

This event will be continuous from 1st of August till 15th of August. This even includes the cost of wedding ceremony as 50% off and the price of wedding dress can only be availed with 50% discount but it is also limited to one character only.

Event 7: Fantasy Generator Feast Available For A Limited Time:

This event begins from 15th August till 29th of August. In the Fantasy Generator Feast, the Forest Deer themed costume can be availed.

Event 8: Big Cat Store Gift Box:

It can only be availed in main server the Eternal Love from 5th of August till 15th of August. In this event the True Love Gift box can be availed on Big Cat Store for 12 Big Cat Coins and person can get 30 purchases maximum on a single account.

The second event of Big Cat Store which is from 22nd August till 29th of August, Happiness Lucky Bag can be availed in Big Cat Store by spending 12 Big Cat Coins and only 30 purchases maximum can be done.

Event 9: Love Gifts – Guild Donation Extra Rewards:

This event is for a short period of time only from 1st to 8th of August. In this even the initial character with your account will have to donate in the guild. For donation he will get double rewards, and Ro Concert Album Box will be extra reward apart from it genuine reward. It is quite great to become the part of.



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