Goblin Spring Celebration Event Guide (April Event)


The Goblin Jumping Kingdom event starts on April 1, and all events, searches and prizes of Ragnarok M: Eternal Dice will be provided to the player! Twisted Twisted Displays ads.In this guide, you will find additional information and tips on how to present all the awards at the Goblin Spring event.



April 1 – 8: 5-Day Quest (Voice of Majesty), talk to Feastmaster NPC in Prontera

April 1 – 15: 5-Day Quest (Goblin Journey), talk to Tolakai NPC in Prontera

April 8 – 15: Goblin Rescue dungeon event

April 21 – 26: Talk to Mr. Robert NPC in Geffen


April 9 – 18: All Water mobs may drop Songkran Goggles Blueprint

April 15 – 20: Trade gems for Spring Symphony at Yowloo NPC in Geffen

April 21 – 26: All mobs may drop Easter-Egg Lucky


April 1 – May 15: Spring Symphony Shop is open

April 21 – May 15: Easter-Egg Lucky can be traded on the Exchange


April 1 – May 1: Fairy Fantasy Gachapon headgear

April 18 – May 2: Lady Cat Series at Fantasy Generator Feast


April 10 – 18: Spring Celebration Giftbox @ 18 BCC, chance to get Twin-Star Mount

April 15 – April 22: Yula’s Treasure Chest @ 20 BCC

April 23 – April 30: Goblin Lucky Bag @ 12 BCC

1. Voice of Majesty (5-Day Quest)

📅 April 1–8; Finish by April 15

🎁 Rewards: 1 Concert Support Giftbox;

Day 5 Concert Support Plan

One of the hero will launch a five-day large voice campaign on AccountTalk at the SCP Feastmaster concert on Prontera Square.

Concert Support Giftbox may consists of :

  • 2x Mora Coin
  • 2x Lightning Chain
  • 1x Gold Medal
  • 10x Valkyrie’s Gift
  • 1x Mastela Seed
  • 200x Eden Coin

2. Goblin Journey (5-Day Quest)

📅 April 1–8; Finish by April 15

🎁 Rewards: 20x Spring Symphony; Sprint Goblin Blueprints

Goblin Daily Travel Account Icon The journey begins with NPAC Tolakai on Prontera.

Talk to him to find “Spring Break 1.”

You will receive a 20-fold Spring Symphony with 100 spring symphonies every day in the mission of the 5th Chain.

This spring you can buy things in Goblin Spring Shop as a symphony. Use the item to open the store.

In the Complete Spring Symphony Guide, you will learn what items you can get and how to get all the gifts in the store.

3. Unwanted Guest (Dungeon Event)

📅 April 8–15

🎁 Rewards: Spring Symphony, Valkyrie’s Gift, + more

This is a single player event that protects goblins from invading invasions. This is another way to remove Spring Symphony from a five-day search.

Talk to Great Wizard Yula NPC in Geffen to start the game.

4. Carnival Event (Deliver Gem materials)

📅 April 15–20

One character per account only

At this event you can send gems such as Aquamarine, Topaz, Zircon and Amethyst, to Ambassador Geffen Goblin Yola for the Spring Symphony event

This is another way to provide 5-day missions and safety activities for the Spring Symphony goblins.

5. Songkran Adventure

📅 April 9–18

During this time, all tanks will have the opportunity to remove sunglasses Songkran Goggles Blueprint.

Monsters and the public (ET, Rift etc.) Not affected.

6. Easter Egg Event

📅 April 21–26

Please discuss with him. Robert Geffen receives Easter Eggs of Happiness every day.

All visitors will have the opportunity to throw Easter eggs during the event.Easter egg Lucky Egg is open for exchange until May 15.

7. Spring Giftbox available, chance to get Twin Star Mount

📅 April 10–18

During this time, you can purchase a Spring Party gift box for 18 BCC with a limit of 120 points.

Gift boxes are available with Twin Star coupons that can be exchanged for Twin Star Mountain or Twin Star Moon. Assemblies allow movement speed of 50%.

8. Lady Cat series available on Fantasy Generator Feast

📅 April 10–18

The Orange Gacha Swing Machine has a Lady Cat costume. The event provides 10 times more opportunities. How to get more orange vouchers for your Gacha machine:

All methods on how to get Big Cat Voucher Feast (Orange Vouchers)

Secret (but expensive!) trick to get Orange Vouchers using Zeny

9. Fairy Fantasy Headgear Gacha for April

📅 April 1–May 1

10. Yula’s Treasure on sale for a limited time

📅 April 15–22

Yula’s treasure chest is available at the Big Cat Con Store with 20 BCC and 60 account limits.

The chest contains: Gram Dust and 1 of either 1x Journal Remains, 1x Hardcover Card Album Remains, or 1x Gorgeous Card Album

11. Goblin Lucky Bag on sale for a limited time

📅 April 23–30

Goblin Lucky Bag has 60 account balances at 12 Big Cat Con BCC stores.

In the bag there is an opportunity to present gold medals, valkyrie and other awards.


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