Goblin Journey Quest Day 1–5 Guide [Goblin Spring Event]


Ragnarok M: As part of the April event “Goblin Spring” in “Eternal Love”, you can complete a five-day work chain at the Spring Festival “Tolakai” in the GOBLIN NPS Pronter.

Here is a guide for completing all five spring adventures.

Day 1 — Talk to Tolakai in Prontera Square

A daily tour of the Goblin Journey begins with the NPC Tolakai on Prontera. Talk to him to find “Spring Break 1.” Then you must go to Geffen and to complete your first request.

Day 2 — Kulala in Geffen

Please contact Kulala Goblin NDK at 9:00 am in the city of Geffen.

Day 3 — Goblin NPC in Geffen

Speak with NPC googling on the third day. The NPC Googlin is still to the left of Geffen near the portal.

Day 4 — Coming Soon

Day 5 — Coming Soon

Rewards from the Goblin Spring Daily Quest

You will receive a 20-fold Spring Symphony with 100 spring symphonies every day in the mission of the 5th Chain.

Use the item to open the store.

Our full guide tells you what you can get and how to get all the prizes in the store.


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