How to Get Smokie Badge and Redeem All Rewards in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love


This month, a new redeem Items known as Smokie Badge is rewarded to player who finished a number of the Smokie Event. This item carries essential redeemable item like Praying Card, scrolls and a few blueprints. You need three,976 and extra with the intention to purchase all of the confined objects within the Smokie Badge save.

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The following are the item you can buy in Smokie Badge Shop.

Item Price Total

Truancy Crown Blueprint
700 SB 1

Flying Wisdom Blueprint
700 SB 1

Praying Card Pack
80 SB 10

Adventure Guide
8 SB Unlimited

Guardian Scroll
8 SB Unlimited

Seed of Mastela
120 SB 3

Mentor Medal
3 SB 400

Adventure Meatball
1 SB 200

Smokie Badge is simplest valid starting today until October 15, 2019. After that, the object will be vain and couldn’t open the shop. It is also to be had in the change until September 30, 2019.

Truancy Crown Blueprint

If you redeem the Truancy Crown, you’ll get the following stat rewards.

Item Stats Bonus

Truancy Crown Blueprint
Movement Spd + 4%
Flee + 20Materials:
1 x Truancy Crown Blueprint
601 x Scell
357 x Necklace of Wisdom
25 x Zircon
10 x Awakening Potion
Max HP + 30
Def + 3

Flying Wisdom Blueprint

For Flying Wisdom, here are the subsequent stats.

Item Stats Bonus

Flying Wisdom Blueprint
Movement Spd + 4%
Max Sp + 100Materials:
1 x Flying Wisdom Blueprint
910 x Rotten Bandage
10 x Topaz
357 x Witch Star Dust
5 x Under the Tower
Max HP + 30
M.Def + 3

How to Get More Smokie Badge

There are four methods of getting those Smokie badges within the event.

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Check-in Mission

The first one is to be had these days, you’ll get eighty Smokie Badge for every of the entirety of Check-in project. A general of four hundred Smokie Badge after you’ve finished the whole five-day quest.

You can prompt this quest on the Prontera Square, speak to Reines to just accept the project. Every day, you’ll get a new task up to five days.

The undertaking will give up on September 15, 2019.

Monster Loot

The next one is the Monster loot, you’ll want to defeat the hunters on the Prontera North to get the rewards. However, this event will begin on September 5, we have no exact time as of the moment.

You’ll get a most of two hundred Smokie Badge in keeping with the day when defeating Smokie Hunters.

A general of 4,800 Smokie Badge you’ll get for this eight-day event.

The event will start from September 5 until September 12, 2019.

Mission Board and Time Rift

Starting September 12 to 19, 2019, finishing the hunt in the assignment board will assist you to receive 30 Smokie Badge. We haven’t any concept yet if the reward is according to quest or for clearing the daily project board.

And in September 19 to 26, 2019, completing a Time Rift will even acquire 30 x Smokie Badge.


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