How to get Eastern Hazelnut Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Maybe there are still many Adventure who still don’t know how to get Eastern Hazelnut. The Eastern Hazelnut item itself can be used as food to increase the intimacy of the Pet Makuro Squirrel. By using Eastern Hazelnut, the Makuro Squirrel Pet intimacy will rise quickly and make the pet happy. You can get Makuro Squirrel Egg Pet Monster from the Big Cat Event Sign-in on the fifth day.

Then how to get Eastern Hazelnut? Actually the way is quite easy. You can buy it using Colorful Shell as you buy other taming pet items. Eastern Hazelnut is sold at a fairly cheap price of 10 Colorful Shell. It’s easy enough not to get Eastern Hazelnut to raise the intimacy of the Pet Makuro Squirrel.


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