Five Best Equipment Ragnarok Eternal Love You Can Make By Yourself, Must Have It!


Five Best Equipment Ragnarok Eternal Love You Can Make By Yourself, Must Have It!

It’s relatively easy to get, it’s the best 5 Ragnarok Eternal Love equipment you can make yourself! Which is your favorite.


In Ragnarok Eternal Love , there are some equipment that you can make without having to do a gacha or wait for a recipe from the MVP . Now some of these items have advantages compared to other equipment because they provide exceptional status boost.

This time the author will discuss the five best Ragnarok Eternal Love equipment that you can make yourself. Of course on the server version of Southeast Asia.

5. Devil Wing

Back is a slot for equipment with little choice. Most back nice filled by equipment results gacha are difficult to obtain.

Because of that most players are waiting to be able to make the Devil Wing themselves, because this equipment can be made by anyone. The cost of making it is indeed quite expensive, but the most annoying is its mission – which takes a long time!

Especially to get one of the ingredients, namely Black Wing, also very limited. So it’s not possible for you to get one day or two. But the difficulty is worth the presence of Devil Wing which gives a boost of five percent damage and one point to all statuses.

4. Sakura Puppet

Still the same as Devil Wing, Puppet Sakura is equipment that you can make yourself by completing quests in Amatsu City; giving users the effect of bleeding , reducing HP every second. It’s just that when bleeding , your auto attack will also increase based on the level multiplied by three!

Sakura Puppet is the best equipment for ASPD users. This equipment is able to provide additional attacks significantly, far higher than the Devil Wing. Unfortunately, skill multiplier users will not get any effect when using Sakura Puppet.

3. Spiked Scarf

For users of melee attacks , Spiked Scarf is one of the most important items in this game for both PVE and PVP. This mouthpiece will provide additional attacks and defenses to Demi-Human enemies by five percent. In addition, these objects also provide DEF and VIT which are good enough to survive.

Spiked Scarf is the most important equipment that unfortunately can only be made by Assassin Cross . Yep, the recipe from the mouthpiece can only be bought by Assassin Cross . So for other Job who want to have this thing, they must buy it through Exchange .

2. Cat Ear Beret

For free players and users of physical attacks, this item one must make. Cat Ear Beret is a hat that will provide an additional ATK of five percent to the wearer. This item can be made easily and cheaply, so that all players can get it. Unfortunately the quest you have to go through is quite annoying – even having to fight the MVP.

Cat Ear Beret itself is now an item commonly used by many players. Even though there are many other better equipment , the Cat Ear Beret remains the best equipment for beginners .

1. Wandering Minstrel

This is equipment that must also be made by many people, including Assassin. This item gives an additional five percent attack to Demi-Human and also increases the attack by four percent when you use Katar ; with the results of the Refine will increase Sonic Blow’s attack by one percent.

You can deposit Wandering Minstrel to give Demi-Human an additional attack of four percent . For this reason, this item must be made by every player of Ragnarok Eternal Love for PVP. Unfortunately to make it quite difficult and the material needed is very expensive!

Hopefully useful and look forward to the next discussion, yes.


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