Episode 4.0 Guide: How to Prepare for 3rd Jobs, New Maps, Monsters, Items


Episode 4.0 will be released soon on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. There are a lot of new content for opening and opening – maps, items and new maps. And probably the best

Learn all you need to know about the upcoming Ragnarok Mobile Castle EP 4.0. What do you expect and how to prepare?

3 Comprehensive work guide:

how to change jobs in class 3 In this episode class 3 work is published. You need at least 70 steps (maximum) to change work in Phase 3.

  • Acolyte: Arch Bishop / Shura
  • Archer: Ranger
  • Mage: Warlock
  • Merchant: Mechanic / Genetic
  • Swordsman: Rune Knight / Royal Guard
  • Thief: Guillotine Cross / Shadow Chaser

New Maps & Monsters

The next episode has a new city, there will be one dungeon and two flights – a new place for growth and balance!


The new city called Juno is available on three maps north of Aldebaran. A new main history search is performed at level 98.

Border Checkpoint & Einbroch Field

The two maps in North Aledebaran (one map of Juno) are the border point and the Einbroch field.It is the birthplace of land / wind monsters unfolding at levels 116-121.

Monster Race / Element / Size
Marmot (Lv 116) Brute / Earth / Small
Geographer (Lv 118) Plant / Earth / Medium
Harpy (Lv 119) Demon / Wind / Medium
Highland Parasite (Lv 121) Plant / Wind / Medium

Lava Cave 1F-3F (Magma Dungeon)

Lava Cave / Magma Metro is located in the upper left corner of the Einbroch field. The ground floor consists of a ground floor (1F – 3F) with 119-124 floors of fire elements.

Monster Race / Element / Size
Fiery Deviruchi (Lv 119) Demon / Shadow / Small
Fiery Mane (Lv 120) Undead / Undead / Large
Fire Elf (Lv 122) Formless / Fire / Medium
Fire Fledgling (Lv 124) Brute / Fire / Medium

New Mini-Boss and MVP

Name Notable Drops

Fire Witch (Lv. 128)
Forest Hunter

Firelord Kaho (Lv. 126)
Staff of Mana Storm
Lance of Dragon Tamer

Arc Angeling (Lv. 130)
Sura Rampage
Mace of judgment

New Items, Upgrades and Cards

New products of monsters and bosses will also appear on the new map! The new Minis / MVP produces the right weapons for class 3 action and powerful maps. In other words, you can raise items to level 8 or level 10!

A complete list of new items, maps, combinations and increments of levels can be found in the table at the link above.

Credits to these awesome people who made the spreadsheet: YuukiRO • CloRO • Ninja (ecrunale) • Fongnom • CoolCheze • Mischa

Different Updates

Here are different updates we can hope to see in EP 4.0:

  • Max Base Level expanded to Lv 110, max details expanded to 119
  • Perpetual Tower max level expanded to 100F
  • Garm and new MVPs will seem beginning on 80F
  • Distributing Skill — Merchants will almost certainly distribute their things around the local area like exemplary RO!
  • All Mercenary Cat NPCs will currently be Prontera — makes it progressively advantageous to procure them
  • You would now be able to procure 2 Mercenary Cats as a matter of course. The Adventure Skill Mercenary Pact will enable you to employ 4 (!) felines
  • Max Party part limit expanded from 5 to 6
  • Other minor designs and UI enhancements
  • Instructions to Prepare for Episode 4.0

Get ready for third Class

Endeavor to achieve Job Lv 70 with Peak Shards in anticipation of the third class work change. Look at our manual for Job Breakthrough and Peak Shards here.

Likewise, look at this manual for see what things are required for the activity change missions: How to Job Change into third Class

Valuable Cards

Here are a few cards that will be valuable in EP4.0 dependent on the up and coming maps and beasts. We may see an expansion in their costs soon, so I recommend getting them as ahead of schedule as now.

Card Effect
Ultraman Card Dmg to Brute & Demon +8%
Dmg reduc. vs. Demi-Human +2%
Menblatt Card Dmg to Earth +20%
Peco-Peco Egg Card Dmg to Formless +15%
Goblin Card Dmg to Brute +15%
Vadon Card Dmg to Fire +15%
Scorpion Card Dmg to Plant +10%

Likewise, Water converters will be helpful against the new Fire beasts in the Magma Dungeons.

On the off chance that you’ve been cultivating Anolians and stored a LOT of Mystic Frozen that are not selling on the trade, your opportunity has arrived!

Plan for Endless Tower 80F

At the point when EP4.0 is discharged, the new MVPs and Garm will seem beginning at Floor 80. So I prescribe that you don’t clear Floors 80 or more yet during the current week, so you’ll be one of the primary players to get their plunders.

Buy Upgrade/Crafting Materials and King Poring Cards

I would likewise suggest purchasing materials for redesigning (for Tiers 4– 8 or 10) and new craftable things. We may see an expansion in their costs particularly on the initial couple of days/weeks after the up and coming scene is discharged.

Again allude to the EP 4.0 spreadsheet for more information.

New King Poring cards will likewise be craftable and their required cards are as of now snapping on the trade at the season of composing! (We’ll have a guide on this soon!)


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