Endless Tower Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Endless Tower Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The infinite tower – Ragnarok Mobile, which can grow rare items equipped with mini bosses and MVP, and can produce a lot of zeny: eternal love This is a weekly event in which you fight monsters and bosses waves and erase as many levels from the tower as possible.

In this guide, you will learn how to open and enter the endless tower. Then I will talk about tips and strategies for dealing with the effects of ET.

Mini boss list

  • [SEA] Endless Tower MVP/Mini Boss List
  • [Global] Endless Tower MVP/Mini Boss List

What is an Endless tower?

In endless towers, fight levels from 1 to 100 or monsters on each floor until you and your team die. MVP appears on every 10th floor, and mini-bosses are divided on each floor. Good for growing rare materials such as raccoon raccoon leaves, ghost ring fabrics and rare equipment.

You do not get experience from monsters, but if you die, EXP will continue to apply. Physical strength is also not consumed and does not affect the speed of the fall. The same boss is display on the same floor of the channel, so you can share it with other MVP / Minis players displayed at any level of the channel. ROGuard also has a page about it!

Weekly Reset

The Infinite Tower is a weekly event that is reset when moving on Monday (5:00 GMT 7 on the SEA server). After one week of the first day of ET, you can enter ET, but you cannot get items on the floor. Weekly reset completed. You can go back and climb to the upper floors and enter new floors that have not been cleaned.

You can help your friends and guilds and get goodwill tokens. Finally, all channels with the same number of digits are display in the same way. For example, channels PH1, ID11, EN21, PH31, and PH41 create one boss per floor. It is recommend to refer to the weekly mini / MVP list to plan the channels that the Endless Tower should create.

  • [SEA] Endless Tower MVP/Mini Boss List
  • [Global] Endless Tower MVP/Mini Boss List

Maintenance Reset

In addition to the weekly relocation, the MVP / Mini Boss list is restarted during maintenance. Ensure that the list you are viewing is updated after maintenance.

How to unlock endless tower

At level 52, you can open the Infinite Tower by talking to the NPC in the main port of Izlud (the same NPC applies to the Sunken / Ghost ship and Byalan) If you choose the last option, go to the Endless Island.

Go to the north of the map and click on the NPC Stella with the Year. Stop all conversations and open the endless tower.

How to enter endless tower

If you finish, you can enter the endless tower! Go to the Infinite Island through the nuclear power plant at the Izludesky Gate and talk to Stella about the annual statue of the NPC. First make sure you have a party!

Tips and Strategies

Party Composition

Of course, ET should be increased every week. The party’s ideal composition consists of oil tankers, damage dealers, crowd controllers and support. Do not forget your food and cooked food! :


Job Class: Knight, Paladin.

  • All damage must be done and the squad must be protect.
  • There is a lot of HP in the MVP / mini boss conversion rollout.
  • Honey deal

classes that deal with DPS / Harm Dealers:

Assassin, Hunter, Monk The role is very clear. As much as possible damage and the rapid release of the hill. Your tank You do not want people to attack you and your vulnerable merchant! Remember your converter and refine your knowledge about the elements!

Full support

Jobs :Priest

  • Auto-Resu, auto-treatment, Auto Kyrie
  • Focus Firewall and Tank Therapy

Solo with Slave Priest

If you like walking alone, you can reach level 20-30. Hunters / Snipers are ideal for endless tower solutions. Some players claim that they were 70-80 with a slave priest! Place Auto Heal, Resurrect and Kyrie in key areas.

MVP strategies

On the 10th floor (10th, 20th, 30th, etc.) MVP is thrown to the ground by the general public.

The first crowd made sure that they did not attack the MVP, and inadvertently attacked with the AoE ability. Make sure your pet is in combat mode and turn it off. With this strategy, you can cut the platform and stay on the page. It’s time to take the MVP boss if everyone is go! The magician must launch Storm Stun to freeze the MVP load. Thus, anyone can focus on quickly killing the boss without interruption.

Stay Alert strategy

This strategy is sometimes call a warning strategy, and is one of the most common strategies for simple MVP removal. Ask the boss in the lower right corner of the upper platform. In this way, the boys can approach a sufficient distance to attack, and the priest can heal, hold, and resurrect the badge.

More Endless Tower facts, tips and mechanics

  • Use Yggdrassil for emergencies. You can not always count on medical care! Do not forget to eat plates and food.
  • Wings of the Fly can be use as a last chance to escape. This does not affect the speed of the fall of the endless towers.
  • The flash chain affects the speed of the fall (no experience, because you can’t get experience from the endless tower).
  • Drops are distribute separately, so that all participants, whether one or in groups of five, receive the same opportunity.
  • Do not forget the camera! This is a great time to photograph many people who have never met before, especially MVP and Minis.
  • When you do an ET with a friend, you will get a friendship stamp with an empty floor.
  • You can use pets, but we recommend setting the egg mode (sleep mode) or disabling the battle mode to prevent unwanted populations.
  • Arriving at the 70th floor is a must for participating in the adventures of class C.
  • You can meet a person who arrives at a higher floor, so you can jump to this floor (still stolen!).
  • You can use an item called Ancient Tower.
  • The golden ejector immediately jumps off the floor.
  • You can purchase it through Adventure meatballs in the meat processing shop.


“The Endless Tower” is not only a great way to wear zen and rare materials, but also useful when you are bored with fun, addictive gameplay or polishing to play with friends. Your character’s construction, equipment and team work will be checked! What is the highest layer you have reached the Infinite Tower? What is the best floor cleaning strategy? Comments below!


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