Build Job Lord Knight Guide at Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Build Job Lord Knight Guide at Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

As the front guard in the face of the threat that threatens Prontera, Lord Knight is equipped with high resilience and powerful attacks. Using swords and spears as the main weapon, this one job has many qualified skills and also buffs who support in each action.

Job Order: Swordsman -> Knight -> Lord Knight

With the above-average toughness, Lord Knight is ready to cut down on every enemy that faces him. So, you don’t need to worry when you have to fight at close range, with the right stats and skills, all are guaranteed to submit.

Okay, the wheel will discuss the allocation of status, skills , and equipment ideal for those of you who are interested in doing this one job. Just go ahead and check the review below!

1. Status Allocation

For the beginning of adventure, it’s a good idea to enlarge STR and also VIT. The main consideration is to make farming easier . In order to get fast EXP and also collect items for crafting materials , you need a fast and deadly attack. In addition, to quickly defeat the momon, you can get additional zeny to be able to buy ideal equipment.

Continue to focus on adding points to STR and VIT, but if there are any leftovers, it’s a good idea to add them to DEX too, so that your attacks can hit the right target.

When you have become a Lord Knight, you will be more tanky thanks to an additional VIT of 38 points. This is very important so that you don’t easily submit when dealing with high level spectators.

STR 90

VIT 60

AGI 40

Status can lo count allocation via stat calculator in here.

2. Allocation of Skills


When you become a Swordsman, immediately allocate your skill points to Sword Mastery and Increase Recuperation Power to the maximum. This passive skill is very useful to increase your banging power and resistance. At the maximum level, Sword Mastery will give an additional attack of 40 and during automatic mode, your attack will become more painful with up to 200 additional damage.

After increasing the two skills above, don’t forget to allocate to Bash. When I was a Swordsman, maybe this one skill wasn’t too influential, but once you were at a high level, Bash would be very useful. Especially when in PVP mode. Not only did you give a big attack, Bash had 30% chance of paralyzing the enemy for a moment.

Kincir also advised you to give 5 points for Taunt and Endure skills to unlock Heart of Steel skills when you become a Knight later.

Sword Mastery: 10

Increase Recuperation Power: 10

Bash: 10

Endure: 5

Taunt: 5


When the Base Job has reached the 40s, you can usually go up to the level of a Knight. As a bonus, you will get an additional STR of 21 points and VIT of 26 points. This is very crucial for a Knight who needs powerful attacks and excellent durability.

For Job Knights, Kincir proposes using a sword in adventure. The main reason is because of the One-Hand Quicken skill that speeds up your attack, with your requirements to make a sword. If you make spears, you won’t be able to make this important skill. With an additional attack speed of 30%, it will be very helpful when you are farming or grinding. But for the record, you don’t need to increase Quicken’s One-Hand to the maximum because it will be useless. Simply allocate 5 points to this one skill .

One of the most important skills is Heart of Steel. At the maximum level, you will get an additional resistance of 90% and a no-stiff effect when receiving enemy attacks up to 16 times. To increase the pounding power, you can maximize the Bowling Bash skill that gives an area attack of 410% of ATK. The more enemies hit by Bowling Bash, the more damage will be given.

As a Knight, you have the advantage of being able to ride Peco Peco. So, don’t forget to allocate your skills to Cavalry Combat and also Cavalry Mastery, who can give an additional ATK of 20% for large monsters.

Blade Aura: 10

Bowling Bash: 10

Heart of Steel: 5

One-Hand Quicken: 5

Cavalry Combat: 5

Cavalry Mastery: 5

Lord Knight

Immediately prioritize Lord’s Aura’s skill to provide additional attacks for you and also Sword Parry’s team and skills so that you don’t get damage from the specter that has devastating power. After that, don’t forget to increase the Head Crush skill to give bleed effects to the enemy by using automatic mode.

Windmills baseball suggest lo to raise skill Frenzy and HP alight, although it could increase lo attack by a monstrous, two skill it will be bad for durability lo.

Instead of raising these two ‘suicide’ skills , it’s good to allocate points for Concentration skills. Besides being able to increase attacks, your team is also blessed with endure effects.

Lord’s Aura: 10

Sword Parry: 10

Head Crush: 10

Concentration: 5

Joint Beat: 5

3. Weapons

With prices that are still in the hundreds of thousands of zeny, you can use Flamberge as the main weapon at the beginning of your adventure. With an additional Flee of 30 points, the enemy will be more difficult to crush your cellphone. Not only that, your attacks will also be faster thanks to an additional ASPD of 5%.

For the second option, it’s good to use Haedonggum. Giving additional STR and DEF, your attack will be more deadly and your endurance will be stronger. You can buy these two weapons on the Exchange.

4. Pet

To help your adventure as a Lord Knight, Savage Babe and Deviruchi provide additional useful status. Through Hard Skin skills , Savage Babe will give additional DEF when you successfully catch this one momon as a pet.

For the second option, Deviruchi gave assistance in the form of a decent additional attack thanks to the Atk Up passive skill .


Many players are tempted to go on adventures as Lord Knight, seen as a ‘guy’ really by beating every momon who faces. Thanks to the reef’s durability, you don’t need to be afraid of being attacked when farming and grinding .

Actually there are other types of Lord Knights that are quite interesting to discuss. If you want to see what type of guide for Lord Knight for the next review? Tell your comments below, yes!


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