Beginner tips for Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal love


Beginner tips for Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love usually takes a lot of time and gameplay, like all Ragnarok MMORPG games. For this reason, adding a Stamina system is very important for effectively solving everyday tasks.Here are some tips to maximize the time it takes to use Ragnarok Mobile and to improve your character as quickly as possible.

Claim free items

The first thing you need to do in Prontera is to ask the NPC for a free product.

Speak with Miu at the Pronter South Gate to get free equipment and growth packages. This will give you useful free gifts for every 10 levels: B. Reset bar reset.

Secondly, go to Tylin in the middle of Prontera. Because you get 30 pink coupons. With this ticket you can change the Gacha Machine (slot machine) in the lower left corner of the Prontera. Each trash can receive 3 random St items with 10 tickets. This is a very powerful device that gives a 10% bonus upon completion. We look forward to the publication of articles of the Saints in accordance with the desired curriculum!

Acquire your adventure handbook

After the job change, you can request your first adventure guide on NPC adventures outside the adventure hall.

The adventure guide is like an encyclopedia with a list of achievements. For example, each time you open up new game data, new monsters, NPCs or Places are added to the guide, and adventure benefits are provided to reach the adventure levels. This is important because the high level adventure of the game later has special qualities and abilities!

Prioritize early quest for EXP

You can also purchase an NPC Adventure Skill in the upper right corner of Prontera. Remember to learn the following adventure skills as soon as possible. Combat technology I – provides additional automatic attack points for your skills. Three “fixed alerts” – AFC can grow and maintain its position in the battle with the enemy (if he is attacked or has the ability to AoE).

There are three types of search games based on Daily Search – Blue, which is the stunning color of the character of the National Palace of Culture. Give them priority because they offer premium prices and first-class products. The most important is the bulletin board and Resistance

Red Monsters, the most important adventure. Prioritize because Green Side Search offers tremendous benefits and choices. They did not give a higher reward, but this was also important because they announced several functions and functions. When it is blue and red

Use your Stamina effectively

They have only 300 units of health per day, and they are spent every minute on attacking monsters. As your stamina increases, your experience and level of loss will be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is important to use your precious endurance effectively and plan your daily work.

With a high level of 40-50, it may be better to maintain physical fitness, while maintaining the balance of the product. If you eat later, do a search, because you don’t need any physical strength for such things as talking to an NPC or killing 25 monsters. For more information read the Stamina Guide!

Get free Stat and Skill Reset

  • Level 30 – Static 30 Reset the Adventurer’s Backpack.
  • Level 40 – Level 40 Recover Skills 76 – 30 Tasks Requiring Actions God’s Hand
  • 55 — Quest
  • 57 — Quest that requires Evil Horns
  • Level 76 — Quest that requires 30 pcs Hand of God

You can also purchase 50,000 jenny to reset your skills / skills from your NPC. It is expensive, but if the main character is an agricultural machine, it should not be too difficult! You can experiment with different configurations using this free status / cancel feature.

Use the Play Dead Skill

Most people don’t know about this, but you can get a dead game from an NPC in Southern Prontera.

You can enter in the slot Auto Skill. Each time your character leaves SP, he immediately heals HP and SP for a few seconds, using the dead on Earth. More information can be found in the Play Dead Guide!

Join/Create a party

Ragnarok Mobile is good for celebrating, because it can kill gangs faster. The experience is shared with all members of the group, but the experience is more effective, because it means that you can kill a lot of people in a short time if you immediately kill the public so that you have more experience. Don’t forget that this quickly kills low exports> Kill slowly and slowly. If you and the members of your group perform the same mission, you will also share the score and the number of monsters. You must be on the same channel as your friends. You can change the channel in the NPC in the upper right corner of Izlude.

Always take photos

When you finish searching for the Prontera camera, you will receive a free camera that you can take with you wherever you go. Do not forget to catch new monsters or new scenes (marked with a red camera icon with an exclamation mark) that you always meet, because you will get adventure privileges for adventure guides. Believe me, in the future you will regret the need to return to some monsters or not to take pictures!


Buy Food items

Do not be afraid to spend money on food: it helps to keep HP and SP in hot food, grow AFK and improve food such as STR / DEX / INT food. You can buy it at the grocery store in the city. Increased statistics and minor damage will help you reach higher levels and turn your hero into an agricultural machine. Talk about high incomes!

Use Butterfly Wings

Feel free to spam the butterfly and fly and go as fast as you can! The wing of the ButterFly moves directly into the saved space, while the wing of the fly moves you to a certain point on the map. This is very useful for searching that requires a lot of walking. In the pocket window (lower left corner), click the left arrow button to place the item button. Remember that time is your most valuable resource!


It is right now, but do not worry. We will publish more tips to help you in the game as soon as possible in the near future.


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