August Pokemon GO Roundup


At the end of summer, many interesting events take place in Pokémon GO, and a summary of the latest August news briefly tells about them. We offer you an overview of the most interesting events and activities.

Roundup: August Community Day

On August 3, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time, the Ralts Community Day was held. As always, the number of appearances of the event Pokémon was increased. This time they were Rates. All players had a chance to meet Ralts Shiney and get a unique attack for his evolutions – Synchronise.

Blanche Global Research Challenge

The Event Blanche Global Challenge took place simultaneously with the Pokemon GO Fest in Yokohama. From August 6 to 12, GO Fest players and coaches around the world needed to complete a tremendous amount of Pokémon GO tasks . Their successful completion gave access to super rewards for everyone.

Gifts Event in Pokemon GO

A roundup of the latest news continues with the Gifts Event, which ran from August 5-19, 2019. Pokemon GO players could send many more gifts to their friends. The release of the brilliant Bonsly. In addition, the distance for hatching Pokemon GO gift eggs was reduced.

Pokemon go fest Yokohama

Together with the Pokemon GO Global Challenge, the GO Yokohama Fest in Japan was held from 6 to 12. Players took part in various activities and quests.

Pikachu Event

Another Pokemon GO event took place at this time. Pikachu appeared all over the world in different hats. Every day, and a new style of Pokemon Pikachu. There were 7 different caps. Coaches who had previously missed some Pikachu look could catch up and get it into their collection.

Update Pokemon GO 0.151.0

The next version of Pokemon GO 0.151.0 has been released, which you can download here. The latest version offers many different improvements and bug fixes, as well as new Shadow Pokémon.

Blanche Stardust Challenge Awards

For the successful completion of tasks at the Pokemon GO Global Challenge events, the developers launched a bonus event from August 13 to 20, 2019. We all received much more magical dust from all sources.

Play with friends and stay safe.


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