About Us

Hello Adventurers and Ragna-addicts!

I am Saman, the maker and creator of RagnarokmMobileGuides.Net. I keep up and compose every one of the articles in this blog, with a little assistance from my companions. I get by with a little assistance from my companions.

This blog is an adoration letter to my youth.

To the 10-year-old me who, since Day 1, got snared to a MMORPG diversion called Ragnarok Online, the first of its sort at once where the Internet was all the while beginning to come to fruition, and where our modems still needed to make a great deal of bizarre commotions previously we as a whole get associated with a huge number of different players on the web.

To those restless evenings of gazing at the CRT screen, crushing for only one increasingly level before the dial-up association comes up short on prepaid hours.

To that time where getting defrauded by a warper minister broke our hearts, on the grounds that 2,000 zeny as of now implied to such an extent. However, it just made us savvier and progressively persuaded to crush more earnestly and turn out to be all the more dominant.

To those occasions where getting our first historically speaking card drop, or motivating our first character to at last light up with the air after incalculable hours, days, many months squandered, implied the entire world.

To avoiding suppers at school and setting aside on our school stipend to make sure we can press in a couple of bucks to play with companions at the web bistro after class.

To departed companions and guildmates we fought and guarded manors with—I ponder where they are and how they’re doing now, presumably chipping away at a 9-5 work too like me, or investing energy with their mate and children. Wherever you all might be and whatever you’re doing, I trust you are on the whole progressing admirably.

Ragnarok players never quit—they just go on a break.

— Saman