A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Devil Wings


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Devil Wings

It is safe to say that you are wanting to create Devil Wings yet have no clue how to open the outline and art it? You’re in the ideal spot!

This guide is the most straightforward to pursue well ordered guide on the Devil Wing Quest—how to open the Devil Wing plan, how to finish every single required journey, and how to gather all materials expected to create it.

Why Craft Devil Wings?

Fiend Wings is a standout amongst the best end-amusement hardware in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love—giving your character an extra +5% physical and supernatural harm and +1 to all Stats.

It is without a doubt ground-breaking, that is the reason it accompanies a strong sticker price and a long mission!

Quest Overview

You have to get the Glast Heim Terminator accomplishment so you can open and purchase the Devil Wing diagram and specialty it.

To get the GH Terminator accomplishment, you have to finish a chain of missions and accomplishments. You can check these in the “Story Quests” area of the “Individual Resume” (award symbol) tab in your Adventurer Handbook.

Here’s a guide (click it to grow):

Villain Wing mission and accomplishments list guide to open it

Credits to Valconir of Conclave Guild ID20 for this brilliant infographic.

The Four Steps to Unlock Devil Wings

Here are all the four accomplishments you have to open to have the capacity to purchase the Devil Wings outline:

  1. Trial of Antiquity — Kill each of the 4 SMVPs in Glast Heim Hall
  2. Glast Heim Fog — Complete every Shiny Quest in GH Chivalry and GH Hall
  3. A Strange Enemy — Collect unique plunders from Named Mobs in GH Chivalry and GH Hall
  4. Shrouded Truth — Complete 3 journeys opened at Level 88

You can do any of these in any request or at the same time, however I suggest chasing SMVPs when you can on the grounds that it takes a month to finish.

You can check these accomplishments in your Adventure Handbook – > Achievements Tab (Medal symbol) – > Story Quests.

Thing Requirements to Craft Devil Wings

When you open each of the four accomplishments, you’ll get the Glast Heim Terminator accomplishment which enables you to purchase the Devil Wing outline from Moses NPC in GH Hall.

Step 1: Kill all 4 SMVPs (Test of Antiquity)

There are four SMVPs in Glast Heim Hall and every one drops a particular thing:

  • Dracula — Bloody Curse
  • Delusion — Motley Sword
  • Randgris — Heaven Gate
  • Tremendous Deviling — Devil Smile

Gather every one of the four things by taking an interest in the slaughtering of the SMVPs. No compelling reason to really murder the SMVP, simply bargain harm to the SMVP and let different players slaughter it, and you’ll get the thing drop in your Quest Bag.

SMVPs can be brought at regular intervals by executing 8 Reviving Shaman in the lower left room of Glast Heim Hall. Be that as it may, just a single sort of SMVP can generate every week, so it takes a month to finish. For instance:

  • Week 1: Chimera
  • Week 2: Dracula
  • and so on…

When you get the things, offer it to Morgul NPC close Glast Heim Hall entrance. The thing will show up in your stock (not in Quest Bag any longer), click it and place it in your Adventure Handbook.

Trial of Antiquity experience handbook in the wake of murdering each of the 4 SMVPs in Glast Heim Hall

Stage 2: Clear Shiny Quests in GH Hall and Chivalry (Glast Heim Fog)

Sparkly Quests are the yellow “sparkling” symbols in the minimap. They can be seen in most Glast Heim maps. For the Devil Wings mission, you need to clear the shinies in GH Hall and Chivalry.

Simply lift them up by “talking” to the sparkling article and a mission will show up.

In the wake of clearing the mission, you’ll need to give the “gleaming” thing to a NPC. The NPC will give you a collectible thing consequently. Store it to your Handbook by tapping on the thing and choosing “Put in Adventure Handbook.”

At that point go to your Handbook’s Collection tab (folder case symbol) and actuate the gathered things (green in addition to symbol).

Note: Some Shiny missions require clearing other Shiny journeys, while some additionally require a specific base dimension necessity. On the off chance that you come up short on Shiny missions, take a stab at clearing other Shiny journeys in other GH maps, or check again subsequent to picking up a couple of base dimensions.

Stage 3: Kill “Named Mobs” in GH Hall and GH Chivalry (A Strange Enemy)

For this progression you have to open four collectible things: Fate Card, Life Sword, Mimos’ Robe and Invisible Arrow. You can check these in your Adventurer Handbook in the Collections tab (folder case with heart symbol).

A Strange adversary mission experience handbook gathering things

To acquire them, you likewise need to get around 4-6 collectible things for each. For instance, Life Sword requires these five things—Hero’s Valor, Evil Aura, Kunitsuna Imprint, Susanoo’s Missing, Snake Scale:

A Strange adversary mission experience handbook gathering things Life Sword prerequisites

To acquire the prerequisites, you’ll have to cultivate one more arrangement of things dropped by Named Mobs in GH Hall and GH Chivalry. Named Mobs seem to be like typical hordes however they have an exceptional name like “Drifter – Murasamemaru” and they seem greater.

Life Sword (Glast Heim Hall)

Item Requirements Named Mob
Hero’s Valor 20 Bravery in Legend Wanderer Murasamemaru
Evil Aura 25 Mystery Gas Wanderer Kusanagi
Kunitsuna Imprint 20 Unknown Imprint Wanderer Onimaru Kunitsuna
Susanoo’s Missing 15 Mystery Tear Wanderer Totsuka-no-Tsurugi
Snake Scale 20 Broken Scale Wanderer Muramasa

Fate Card (Glast Heim Hall)

Item Requirements Named Mob
Right 20 Bloody Mace Joker – Scepter
Holy Grail 20 Broken Gold Cup Joker – Holy Grail
Star Coin 20 Dirty Coin Joker – Star Coin
Sword 30 Broken Sword Joker – Sword

Mimos’ Robe (Glast Heim Chivalry)

Item Requirements Named Mob
Amila’s Diary 40 Diary Page of a Knight Sumina
Alice’s Insignia 40 Mystery Insignia Piece Nassi Elinise
Sumina’s Dye 40 Mystery Dye Nassi Eisly
Elinise’s Four-Leaf Clover 40 Tattered Four-Leaf Clover Amira

Invisble Arrow (Glast Heim Chivalry)

Item Requirements Named Mob
Gold Arrow 30 Yellow Arrow Golden Arrow
Unsent Arrow 30 Dim Love Letter Crulero – Crazed Bow
Soul Imprint 40 Tattered Soul Imprint Crazed Swordsman – Alricht
Cursed Magic Bow 35 Broken Bow Ecklen – Magic Arrow

Named Mobs produce on quite certain spots in GH Hall/Chivalry and every one drops a particular thing. (See infographic above for their areas)

GH Chivalry Collector NPCs

GH Hall Collector NPCs

Tips for Killing Named Mobs

Named Mobs generate at regular intervals. You can meander around GH Hall/Chivalry by strolling/Fly Wing and murder them as they show up.

Or then again you can leave your character on a Named Mob’s bring forth area after you’ve set an Auto-Attack on that horde. Abandon it there for a few minutes/hours until you get the required measure of drops.

Stage 4: Clear all Lv. 88 Quests (Hidden Truth)

At last, you need to clear three missions when you reach in any event Base Level 88.

Here are the areas of the Quest NPCs:

Gathering of Father and Daughter

Gathering of Father and Daughter Hidden Truth mission in Glast Heim Hall

Answers: Inverted Sword, Carry The Blade, Crimson Circle

Amidst the mission, you’ll be approached to find a shrouded NPC Schultz Soul. This NPC is situated behind the statues in a similar room, close to the Baphomets. (See photograph above)

Close to the end, you’ll be transported to this room. Execute the Swordsman with a red atmosphere.

Execute undead wearing Skull Helmets Glast Heim Hall Hidden Truth journey

The remainder of the mission ought to be direct. Simply pursue the journey markers.

Aristocrat Evil

Converse with the gleaming item close to this spot to trigger the mission from a Horong NPC.

Noble abhorrence concealed truth journey in Glast Heim Hall

Answers: Horn, Temple, Fade Away

In one of the missions you’ll be approached to illuminate these devices. Converse with them from appropriate to left (clockwise). Here are the responses for each snare:

Aristocrat insidious journey Horong light up

The remainder of the mission ought to be anything but difficult to pursue.

End the Mission

Converse with the glossy item in this spot to begin the mission.

End the Mission Hidden Truth journey in Glast Heim Hall

Answers: Defeated by Rebels, In remains, Baphomet

In this part, you’ll have to illuminate the headstones in explicit request. Simply click every one in any request until they all light up. (Same goes for the red quality ones).

Glast Heim Hidden Truth journey tomb stones

The remainder of the journey ought to be anything but difficult to pursue.

Stage 5: Craft the Devil Wings, at long last!

When you’ve effectively completed every one of the missions, you ought to have the capacity to accomplish the Glast Heim Terminator Story Quest title in your Adventurer Handbook.

Purchase the Devil Wing Blueprint from Moses Creste Medal Collector in Glast Heim Hall

You should now have the capacity to purchase the Devil Wings plan from Moses (Creste Medal Collector) NPC in GH Hall. Fantastic! Be that as it may, the voyage doesn’t finish here, not until you get the creating materials:

  • 30,000 Creste’s Royale Medals for the outline
  • Cyfar 2479 pcs
  • Biotite 6 pcs
  • Broken Blade 10 pcs
  • Dark Wing 450 pcs

These mats are effectively possible by purchasing on the trade, aside from the Creste’s Royal Medals and Black Wings.

Where to Farm Creste’s Royal Medals

These decorations can be acquired by cultivating on beasts in Glast Heim maps:

  • Named Mobs
  • Execute King Schmitz Memory and Ghost Janissary Captains in GH Hall
  • Anolians, Injustice, and Cramp in GH Culvert

The beneficial thing is you’ll most likely as of now have gathered a great deal of Creste’s Royal Medals just by doing the Devil Wings journeys above.

Where to Farm Black Wings

There are three strategies to acquire Black Wings:

  1. Dropped by Bapho Jr Star, yet that is a wasteful method to cultivate them
  2. Get them from the Adventure Meatball search for 6 Meatballs each, with a day by day point of confinement of 10 pcs. While you’re finishing the journey, purchase 10 Black Wings regular.
  3. Converse with Arnold NPC in GH Hall entrance. He will request Cyfars/Abyss Flowers/Necklace of Oblivion, at that point will request that you slaughter a few hordes. He’ll give you 6 Black Wings consequently.


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