5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure


5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure

In order for the results of your Pet Adventure Ragnarok Eternal Love farming to be maximal and easy to get a new card, follow the following five tips and tricks!


Besides being able to beat monsters in the field, farming various items and rare materials you can also do through Pet Adventure Ragnarok Eternal Love . With this feature, you assign a pet to adventure and look for your targeted items. Farm Pet Adventure results are definitely the same as your own farming – get cards too, depending on which area you choose.

Pet Adventure has special mechanics for its farming system. For the sake of maximizing this mechanic, Game World has arranged for you some tips and tricks on Pet Adventure. Immediately check below!

1. Follow Pet Ability Suggestions in Each Area


The first thing you have to do before sending your Pet to adventure is to check the Pet Ability suggestion. Pet suggestion arrangement This ability is different in each available area.

Try as much as possible to equate Pet Abilities with advice on the target area – no one pet needs to be equal, can use two or more pets . In some areas, you can equate all of the Pet Ability suggestions with just a pet .

By following this suggestion, you will get a Rare Chest for a number of suggestions that you fulfil. For example, send only Intimate lv. 7 Green Petite to Lv. 78 Glast Heim Pet Adventure to get three Rare Chests at once.

2. Select Target Monster


If you don’t know yet, you can specify which target monsters to farm. The pet you send will focus on beating the targeted monster.

The trick, you just select the monster icon in the destination area column. Be sure to target monsters that have your target item drop or the most expensive card.

Usually, players target Minorus on Lv. 61 Morroc Pet Adventure or Ferus on Lv. 78 Glast Heim for the sake of getting the card

3. Increase Pet Adventure Efficiency


After selecting a pet to send, you can see the efficiency of Pet Adventure by pressing the blue flower icon containing the percent on the right of the Pet Adventure menu. This efficiency number affects the drop rate of all items in the area.

If the efficiency is below 100%, then you will get items less than normal. When efficiency is more than 100%, you will get more items .

Increasing efficiency percentages is by assigning three high level and Intimacy pets.

4. Send Sohee to Increase Monster Card Drop Rate

Sohee’s pet has Pure passive skills which increases your chances of getting monster cards in Pet Adventure. Monster card drop rates can increase by 10% if Pure skill reaches level 10.

Keep in mind that Pure passive skills only work for Pet Adventure, not for farming cards in the field.

5. Use the Second Character to Add Stamina


Having two side characters will give you an additional minimum of 600 stamina every day, which means you can do 10 additional Pet Adventure times.

What limits you from doing Pet Adventure is only on the number of Meatball Adventure . It shouldn’t be a problem if you diligently collect these Onigiri picture items .


That’s the tips and tricks of Pet Adventure so that you get a lot of items, of course also increases the monster card drop rate. Hopefully with tips and tricks, you get an item that is really targeted. In your opinion, which area is the most efficient for Pet Adventure?


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