13+ Ways to Increase Your Magic Attack Damage


13+ Ways to Increase Your Magic Attack Damage

Finally, we talked about how to maximize and maximize physical damage from an attack. This is most of the time for Ragnarok M: a guide for all magical users who spend on leveling and farming monsters with eternal love. A high level of damage is very important for the immediate killing of many people. Do not forget that the faster you kill many people, the more efficiently you will maintain your abrasions and physical fitness. Witches.


  • Here are all the methods you can use to increase and increase your physical damage by attacking Ragnarok Mobile:
  • Stat Points
  • Equipment items
  • Enhancement, Enchantment, Upgrading, Refinement
  • Cards
  • Eating Cooked Foods
  • Stat Dishes
  • Guardian Scroll buffs from Mentor
  • Pet’s Passive Skills
  • Aesir Monument Runes
  • Guild Blessings
  • Elements
  • Skill Buffs
  • Unlock & Deposit Headgears/Cards in Adventurer Handbook
  • Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery (per Recipe)
  • Adventurer Class and Title
  • Cat Cafe Items for PVP/War of Emperium

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The easiest and most obvious way to increase physical damage from an attack is statistics.

Each time in INT magic damage increases. VCT (alternate hold time) is reduced by 0.1 seconds for all three points in DEX. Monsters can be quickly thrown out and killed, reducing delivery time and increasing total secondary damage (DPS).


The second major cause of damage is equipment. Fight to get the highest values ​​of MAtk, MAtk% and extended statistics on MAtk.There are some armors that increase magic attack damage.

  • Elven Ears
  • Angry Snarl
  • Monocle
  • Orlean’s Glove
  • Eye of Dullahan
  • Robe of Cast

We recommend that you review the Farm Wizard Creation Guide for a complete list of recommended devices.

Enhancement, Enchantment, Upgrading, Refinement

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

Enhancing  increase the impact of equipment. For example, “Strengthen” employee stick. Make sure you use your device as efficiently as possible to maximize damage. All you need is Zen, and you can turn it into a backpack.

Refining is added to the four elements. Narrowing this range increases the Atk / MAt value. Removes offensive statistics and ignores general Def / MDef statistics. Let the city Hollergrenn fix items for weapons and armor Eluniums.

Enchanting Enchanted items sometimes give bonuses. Of course, the effect of the MAt / INT should be increased. See the rare fourth story with the highest bonus. Talk to Geffen’s Geffen Nat National Park to seduce the object.

Upgrading Raising your product to a higher level will give you even more powerful bonuses and special effects. Just click the up arrow in the item details panel. Requires material production and zeny.


Cards are also a good source of magical DPS. If they are built into weapons, you can increase the damage of certain races by a certain percentage. Unlike physical attacks, modifying element maps and sizes do not affect magic damage. Only magic cards are useful to magic users.

Race Modifier Cards

hydra card Hydra Card 15% vs. Demi-Human
flora card Flora Card 15% vs. Fish
goblin card Goblin Card 15% vs. Brute
peco peco egg card Peco-Peco Egg Card 15% vs. Formless
orc lady card Orc Lady Card 5% vs. Insect
green petite card Green Petite Card 20% vs. Dragon

Magic Attack (MAtk) Cards

Agav Card Armor Inlay: M.ATK +5%. When the wearer is a Mage, M.ATK +3%, Max HP +300, Max SP +150
Deposit: M.ATK +1%
Familiar Card Weapon Inlay: INT +1, M.ATK +5
Deposit: INT +1, M.ATK +4.5
Black Witch Card Headgear Inlay: INT +1, M.ATK +10
Deposit: M.ATK +7.5

Eating Cooked Foods

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food

When you eat cooked food, you can get good statistics for a few minutes per hour. For example, if you eat 6 authentic green kebab bars with 40 magic attacks, you will get 240 magic attacks! You can customize your preferences to increase your placement limits. See the full list of reference recipes. The following is a list of recommended products that increase physical damage.

Food Stats Recipe Station

Original Will-Green Kebab
Max HP +600, Max SP +60, MAtk +40, MDef +40, Won’t die when receiving a death blow. 1 HP will be kept. Be invincible in the next 2 seconds. 15 secs CD. Can be triggered up to twice.

Original Will-Juice
Max HP +600, Max SP +60, MAtk +40, Def +40, Pen +2.5%, MPen +2.5%

Prontera Royal Juice
Max HP +500, Max SP +50, MAtk +38, Def +38, Pen +2.25%, MPen +2.25%

Sweet Coriander
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, Cast Delay -2%

Sky Blade
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, MDef +36, Won’t die when receiving a death blow. 1 HP will be kept. Be invincible in the next 2 seconds. 15 secs CD. Can be triggered up to once.

Summer Star
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, Def +36, Pen +2%, MPen +2%

Noble Black Tea
Max HP +360, Max SP +36, MAtk +32, Def +32, Pen +1.75%, MPen +1.75%

Stat dishes

Cooking INT is different from cooking. Give a 30-minute bonus and statistics of magic damage. When using several cans, only the duration of the effect is cumulative, and the effect is not cumulative.

INT Dish A INT Dish A INT +5
Magic Damage +10%
Food Shop in all towns
int dish b INT Dish B INT +10
Magic Damage +20%
Food Shop in Geffen/Al de Baran
Dex dish A DEX Dish A DEX +5 Food Shop in all towns
dex meal b DEX Dish B DEX +10 Food Shop in Payon/Al de Baran

Guardian Scroll Buff

Full Guide: Guide to Mentorship/Student System

If it is not a transcendental symbol of level 85 or lower, you must bring it to your mentor as soon as possible. It is available in the Pronte mentor’s shop and costs 2000!

Pet’s Passive Skills

Full Guide: How to Catch Pets / Pet Taming Items and Locations

Pets will give you bonus statistics on the skills of your pet, as well as for the battle in battle! To see the statistics of the bonuses they offer, click on your pet and click “OK” to see your abilities.

Aesir Monument Runes

Join the guild as soon as possible and open the Aesir warning to activate the rune. Characters such as MA give the character additional bonuses to bonuses or bonuses.

For example, the helper has a rune that increases the damage to the shooting technique by a certain percentage.

Fund management is a long-term investment, and the guild’s contribution should be part of everyday life. Then you need to focus on the high level of collecting and entering gold.

Guild Blessings

Another advantage of joining the ASAP guild is the blessing of the guild, which is also a “prayer”. Talk to Valkyrie in the first left wing of the guild hall.

Magic Attack users should receive a green “wise” blessing. The blessing of blessing requires a bit of Jenny and increases over time. Proven brands can help lower prices.

1 Each of the 2000 zeny spent at the Bounty Fellowship is given a token of faith instead of zeny.

Use the Proper Elements

Knowledge of the target element can significantly increase damage using weaknesses. The complete table can be found here:

The instruction for the item. For magical users, you must use the correct target spell. For example, you must use Steam Goblins, Heavenly Steam, Anolians (water) or Lord of the Shockwave (Earth).

Skill Buffs

People who like certain abilities are also good at increasing damage. This is one of the advantages of the party. Using blessings, visitors can add 20 INT, DEX or Suffragiums to significantly shorten the recording time.

Lex Aeterna is a powerful spell that can do double damage to your target.

Wizards also have their own estimate of energy coverage and magic power. Maximize it and focus on self-confidence.

Unlock & Deposit Headgears/Cards in Adventurer Handbook

Keep your hat and cards open and keep them in the Adventure Guide to get constant bonus statistics.

Best of all, the bonus applies to all characters in your account.

Check out the following lists for reference:

Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery (per Recipe)

Just like opening or entering guides, some recipes use Level 10 and 10 Cook Mastery as bonus attacks.

Here’s a list of all foods that increase Magic Atk (MAtk) at Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery.

Adventurer Class and Title

The Match / Adventure Ranking class gives you a permanent bonus. High Adventure Class = Statistics with high awards Here are a few lessons to help you qualify in the adventure class.

The Adventurous Ranking Adventure Guide also opens up adventure games. These are headings such as “Sun” next to the player’s name. This header includes some statistics. Here is a list of names that increase the attack and how to open it.

Cat Cafe Items for PVP/War of Emperium

Another way to raise a spell against a player is to purchase items in Cat Cafe, the guild hall guild mechanism. This is very interesting in PvP and Emperium Wars.

The Cat Cafe theme can be purchased at Unity Proof Guild Challenge. Items that deal% damage, such as Hydra cards, are good for PvP.


I hope this farm will help you to kill a monster once. Comments below!


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